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PostgreSQL 9.1 Released With Many Innovative Features

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group announces the release of PostgreSQL 9.1. The new version delivers several features which users have been requesting for years, removing roadblocks to deploying new or ported applications on PostgreSQL. These include:

  • Synchronous Replication: enable high-availability with consistency across multiple servers
  • Per-Column Collations: support linguistically-correct sorting per database, table or column.
  • Unlogged Tables: greatly improves performance for ephemeral data

PostgreSQL 9.1 includes several features which are new to the database industry, such as:

  • K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing: index on "distance" for faster location and text-search queries
  • Serializable Snapshot Isolation: keeps concurrent transactions consistent without blocking, using "true serializability"
  • Writeable Common Table Expressions: execute complex multi-stage data updates in a single query
  • Security-Enhanced Postgres: deploy military-grade security and Mandatory Access Control

PostgreSQL's extensibility enables users to add new functionality to a running production database, and use them for tasks no other database system can perform. Version 9.1 adds new extensibility tools, including:

  • Foreign Data Wrappers: attach and query other databases from PostgreSQL
  • Extensions: easily create, load, and manage new database features

You can find more information on PostgreSQL 9.1 here.

News source: www.postgresql.org