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QuickExport 2.7 released.

What's new in QuickExport 2.7?

1. The new TQExportPDF component is added. This component allows you to export data from TDataset, TDBGrid, TListView, TStringGrid or from any descendant of them to the PDF file. The corresponding features are added to the dialog components.

2. Some properties for defining navigation links are added to the TQExportHTML component. These properties are intended for adding navigation links (first, next, prior, last, etc) to the result html pages if you export data into several html files.

3. The AutoCalcColWidth property is added to the TQExportXLS component. Use this property to define whether width of column is calculated automatically.

4. A possibility of exporting memo fields to a dbf file is added.

5. The following properties are added to the dialog components:
      - XLSOptions,
      - RTFOptions,
      - HTMLPageOptions,
      - HTMLTableOptions,
      - HTMLMultiFileOptions,
      - PDFOptions,
      - AccessOptions (only for TADO_QExportDialog),
      - SQLOptions,
      - TXTOptions,
      - CSVOptions,
      - XMLOptions.

Using these properties you can tune the dialog form in design-time.

6. Some other minor corrections.