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QuickExport 1.8 released.

1. Colors in Excel? Now it's possible! You can select one of 8 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Black or White) for Columns Headers. Just use new ExcelOptions.RowHeadersFontColor property.

2. TVExportDialog component was updated. In this version we have added possibility of saving/restoring dialog's parameters. For this purpose use following:
   a) AutoSave and AutoLoad properties. If true, dialogs parameters will be saved/loaded to/from value of SaveFileName property automatically.
   b) You can select parameters for saving/restoring. Please check out  SaveOptions property. List of these options will be expanded in the next versions.
   c) You can allow or disallow possibility of saving/restoring dialog's   properties to the end user. Just set or unset SaveLoadButtons property.

3. Demo applications were updated as well.


1. Some corrections in TVExcelExport component.
2. Few minor corrections and bugfixes.