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PostgreSQL Manager 1.4 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager 1.4?

1. A possibility of dropping a table field for servers lower than 7.3 and a possibility of altering the field type added. These operations are realized through re-creating the table. You can use the appropriate options on Environment Options | Confirmations to forbid these features.

2. Data Export and Import are significantly improved. Export to MS Access and PDF and Import from Access added. Now you can export data to as much as 14 formats and import data from 5 formats.

3. Table Editor and View Editor: now column widths for all the tabs are saved.

4. The Field Editor interface improved.

5. Now on dropping table subobjects in the Table Editor a confirmation dialog appears.

6. The 'timestamp without time zone' type is interpreted correctly now.

7. Now you can edit BIGINT fields freely.

8. Fixed bug with setting the length of the BIT fields and defining the length of the BIT and BIT VARYING fields.

9. Boolean fields are displayed correctly on the Form View.

10. Copy to clipboard / paste from clipboard functions work properly now in the SQL Editor and Query Builder grids.

11. Reordering fields referenced by some foreign keys is restricted now.

12. On reordering fields permissions for the table are restored correctly now.

13. Fixed bug with the 'table doesn't exist' message on selecting a table in DB Explorer, if on reordering table fields the Rollback button was selected in the Compile Window and the Cancel button in Re-order Columns.

14. Dropping a table is forbidden now, if table is opened on the Data tab in the Table Editor.

15. Integer overflow error does not appear any more on deleting table subobjects.

16. Some minor improvements and small bugfixes.