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MySQL Manager 1.25 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager 1.25.

1. DB Explorer: displaying of table subitems in the tree view was added. Now you can add, drop or edit table's field and indices directly through DB Explorer's tree view.

2. Logging of metadata changes and SQL Editor's query executions was added. Now you can specify the names of log files for each of your databases. Use the "Logs" tab on Database Registration Info dialogue to specify log files and enable/disable logging. This feature is also available at the time of database registration via Register Database dialog or Register Host wizard.

3. Register Database dialog: default directories to Extract Metadata scripts and Export Data files was added. Now you can specify these directories for each database to make your work with data saving more organized and comfortable. Use the "Save Options" tab of Database Registration Info dialogue to specify these options.

4. Print Data: fixed bug with font charsets. Now all national symbols will be printing dependently of current system language or database font charset. (*)

5. SQL Editor: fixed bug with executing of DESC (DESCRIBE) statement.

6. Extract Metadata: fixed bug with extracting metadata to file instead of SQL Editor.

7. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) -- Professional Edition only