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MySQL Manager for Windows 2.1 released.

What's new in MySQL Manager?

1. The Grant Manager and the User Manager were modified in compliance with MySQL 4.0.x privilege system. Now all the privileges provided by MySQL 4.0.x are supported (available for MySQL v4.0.8 and higher only).

2. Import Data Wizard: a possibility of defining the import mode was added. Now you can define how the records from the source file must be imported to the destination table. Six modes of data import are available, which allow you to add all records, add new records only, update or delete existing records in various ways. (*)

3. Visual Query Builder: a possibility of diagram saving/loading was added. Now you can save the current diagram layout to external file for later use. (*)

4. Data View: a possibility to enable/disable multiselection in the grid view was added. This option is available by the "Environment Options... -> Grid -> Row multiseletion" check box. It is disabled by default for improving the performance speed on large tables.

5. The "Autoconnect On Startup" option was added to the Database Registration Info dialog. If this option is enabled, then MySQL Manager will connect to this database automatically on each sturtup.

6. The "Set Defaults To All Child Windows" item was added to the Windows menu. This item sets all the child windows to their default sizes and positions. This function is also available by Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut.

7. The "Always Open the Fields Tab" option was added to the "Tools -> Table" tab of the Environment Options.

8. If the Show Hosts option is enabled, databases are grouped by hosts now in the database lists of all program tools, such as SQL Editor, Table Editor and others.

9. Dropping a field or an index requires confirmation now.

10. Fixed bug with using AltGr key for typing characters in editors (SQL Editor, SQL Script).

11. Fixed bug with getting wrong result with the 'SELECT @var' query execution after the 'SET @var=' query one in the SQL Editor.

12. Fixed bug with DATE and DATETIME field values extraction using the Extract Metadata Wizard.

13. Fixed bug with importing values to BIGINT fields within the Import Data Wizard.

14. Some small improvements and corrections.