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DataPump utilities 1.4 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL DataPump, MySQL DataPump, DB2 DataPump, PostgreSQL DataPump, and InterBase/Firebird DataPump. You can download the newest versions from the respective download pages.

1. We have implemented the Global Type Mapping. Now you can set the correspondence between types of the source and the target databases. This feature is available on the Type Mapping tab of the Preferences dialog.

2. Now the programs show the import progress indicator for tables and table records. Average import speed is also displayed.

3. Now the programs correctly recognize schemes for Oracle data sources.

4. MySQL DataPump now supports MySQL v4.1.1.

5. PostgreSQL DataPump now supports PostgreSQL 7.4.

6. Now the IB DataPump correctly quotes table and field names for dialect 3.