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QuickDesk 2.3 released.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.3?

1. Some improvements and bugfixes in SP Debugger:

- Now you can Add/Remove breakpoint by clicking in the gutter or clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.
- Full support of TIME and TIMESTAMP types is added (Dialect 3).
- Fixed bug with debugging "v1" = "v2" statements (Dialect 3).
- Fixed bug with invalid index usage in debugging procedures with SELECT ... ORDER BY statements.
- Fixed bug with editing NUMERIC (9,2) parameters.

2. SQL Assistant: A possibility of quick object sorting (by clicking the column) is added.

3. Project View: A possibility of adding database objects in the project tree via the DB Explorer popup menu is added.

4. Visual Query Builder: now the last query for each database saves/restores automatically.

5. All Editors: Default size shortcut Ctrl+D. Use it for restoring the normal window size and position. It can help you if you can't find the window in the desktop.

6. Export data to MS Excel: now you can split header and footer to several cells using TAB symbol as delimiter. Also fixed bug with invalid field length in export to DBF.

7. Hints for column headers in the datagrid are added.

8. Extract Metadata - fixed bug with extracting exceptions containing apostrophe symbol.

9. Table Editor: fixed bug that caused some UNIQUE keys to be incorrectly called PRIMARY.

10. All SQL Editors/Viewers: fixed bug with printing content w/o preview.

11. Autoincrement Field Wizard: Fixed bug with creating a trigger without generator.

12. Import Data: fixed bug occasionally occurred on large data import.

13. To-Do list: fixed small bug with opening object.

14. Few minor corrections and fixes.