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Happy New Year! QuickDesk 2.25 released.

EMS HiTech Company wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We also wish you prosperity and success in your business.

What's new in QuickDesk 2.25?

1. The detailed on-line documentation appeared. You can find it at
2. Possibility of Saving/Loading Templates for Extract Metadata module added. This feature allows you easy loading pre-defined templates (names of objects, extracting options. etc) instead of selecting the required objects every time. The format of this file is very simple, so you can edit it, using any text editor if necessary. (*)
3. Default Size button is added to all the editor toolbars. Use this button to restore the original size and position of the editor window.
4. Objects Editors: now system objects are displayed in a different color in the upper ComboBox.
5. Fixed bug with preview and printing object DDL if non-Courier font is used. (*)
6. Fixed bug with Printing Datasets. (*)
7. Fixed bug with creating View from Table.
8. Visual Query Builder: some visual improvements. (*)
9. Export data: some corrections in exporting data to Excel and DBF. (*)
10. Some corrections in the Domain Editor.
11. Few minor corrections and fixes.

(*) -- Professional Edition only