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Database Query utilities 1.4 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MS SQL Query, MySQL Query, DB2 Query, PostgreSQL Query, and InterBase/Firebird Query.

1. Now you can build and execute queries with stored procedures using our query tools.

2. We have added the Query History branch to the DB Explorer tree. You can enable or disable this feature using the 'Show History in DB Explorer' option on the DB Explorer tab of the Environment Options dialog.

3. Now you can view the query history for all queries or for the current query only. We have added the option to the drop-down menu of the history list.

4. With this version you can filter results using the new data filter.

5. Now the query builder saves table position when switching to the Edit tab of the window.

6. We have added the pop-up hint that displays the SQL text of the query for the Favorite Queries and the Query History branches of the DB Explorer window.

7. PostgreSQL Query: Now you can view and edit values of array fields in the data grid.

8. Now you can set the default page size for the Print View. The respective option is available on the Reports tab of the Environment Options dialog.

9. We have added the 'Autofit Row Height' option to the Reports tab of the Environment Options dialog.

10. The 'Fetch All' and the 'Load All' options work correctly now.

11. Some small improvements and bug fixes.