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QuickExport 3.1 released.

What's new in QuickExport 3.1?

1. We have added a possibility of writing your data into arbitrary Excel cell. Use the Cells property for this purpose. We have also added new methods allowing you to add a cell to a sheet in the runtime (AddBooleanCell, AddDateTimeCell, AddNumericCell, AddStringCell)

2. A possibility of defining merged cells is added to the TQExport3XLS component. The MergedCells property is intended for this purpose. You can also use the AddMergedCells method to define merged cells in the runtime.

3. Now you have a possibility of defining a screen tip for a hyperlink in the TQExport3XLS component. The ScreenTip property of the TxlsHyperlink class provides this feature.

4. We have added a possibility of defining background for a sheet in the TQExport3XLS component. If you would like to define background for a sheet, you should use the Background property.

5. A possibility of including pictures in the result Excel file is implemented. Use the Picture properties to define a picture set for a file and the Images property for placing defined pictures on a sheet.

6. We have improved an Autosize feature in the TQExport3XLS component.

7. A possibility of defining size and precision for float fields is added in the TQExport3DBF component. The DefaultSize and DefaultPrecision properties contain default values for corresponding parameters of a float field. If you would like define for some fields own values of size and precision you should use the ColumnsPrecision property. ColumnsPrecision is a list containing rows such as


In this sample, size is seven and precision is two.

8. We have fixed a bug with exporting an empty data set into HTML.