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QueryBuilder 2.7 released.

What's new in QueryBuilder Component Suite 2.7?

1. We have implemented support for DB2 and the DBISAM dialects in our component suite. Now you can use the TDB2QueryBuilder and the TDBIQueryBuilder components for building queries for DB2 and DBISAM databases. Seven SQL dialects are supported by the suite now: standard SQL, InterBase/FireBird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL, and DBISAM.

2. Now the components quote identifiers only if it is necessary, e.g. if the identifiers contain special symbols.

3. We have added a new property to the TQBScriptFormat - AlwaysBracketConditions. Set this option to True to bracket all the conditions. If this option is set to False, the component will place only the brackets necessary to save the condition meaning.

4. Now the parser supports subqueries like "SELECT Field1 FROM Table1 WHERE Field1 IN (SELECT Field2 FROM Table2 WHERE Field2='Value')" or conditions like "Field1 = (SELECT Field2 FROM Table1 WHERE Field2='Value')".

5. Now the TMSSQLQueryBuilder component correctly parses the "TOP xx" statements.

6. Fixed bug with parsing logical conditions.

7. Fixed bug with parsing complex conditions.

8. Some small improvements and bug fixes.