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PostgreSQL Manager 2.1 released.

What's new in PostgreSQL Manager for Windows 2.1?

1. We have implemented the Dependency Tree tool. Now you can view all the object dependencies in one diagram. To call this tool use the Tools | Dependency Tree menu item.

2. Plpgsql Function Debugger now supports cursors. Besides, we have fixed the following bugs in the Debugger:
  - The "Syntax error" appeared for functions with the ROWTYPE variables;
  - The % statement execution returned incorrect result;
  - An error appeared when executing the SQL queries with the :: operator.

3. Several bug fixes in the Extract Metadata Expert. Now this tool generates correct scripts for all objects.

4. Import from MS Access: One table appeared several times in the table list. Now it is fixed.

5. The Duplicate Table function now works correctly for PostgreSQL v7.2.

6. Sequence Editor: Fixed bug with saving changes of the Next Value field on PostgreSQL v7.4.

7. Create Database: Now you can create databases through the SSH connection.

8. Now SQL Editor correctly returns results of the EXPLAIN operator execution on PostgreSQL v7.3 or higher.

9. User Manager and Group Manager: We have added the System ID column.

10. Lost names of foreign keys and checks on table recreate. Now it is fixed.

11. Some small changes in function, sequence, and table DDLs.

12. Other small improvements and bug fixes.