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MS SQL Manager 1.25 released.

What's new in MS SQL Manager 1.25?

1. Now the Code Insight system supports table aliases in SELECT queries.

2. Now the program tries to restore the broken connections with the server.

3. Now the program restores query formatting after the query execution in the SQL Editor.

4. SQL Editor: Now the program correctly executes statements, which return no record sets. It allows you to work with temporary tables without any problems.

5. The program does not try to print data exported to Access file anymore if the "Open file after export" option is checked.

6. The host list of the Login Manager now contains names of the registered hosts outside the local network.

7. The SQL Editor Insight List showed objects from previous database after selecting another database. Now it is fixed.

8. Undocked toolbars could be closed. There was no possibility to get them visible again. Now you cannot close toolbars.

9. Now the program generates correct script for view definition after renaming procedures or user-defined functions.

10. Now the SQL Editor correctly saves changes on closing.

11. We have added the GROUP BY and the ORDER BY statements to the Code Completion list.

12. Some small improvements and bug fixes.