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IB Manager 3.4 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.4?

1. We have significantly improved stored procedure/trigger parser as well as Stored Procedure Debugger (*). Now it supports all SQL language extensions for FireBird 1.5 (such as defining variable in its declaration, EXECUTE VARCHAR syntax, CASE syntax), IB 6.5 (such as ROWS syntax) and IB 7.0 (such as BOOLEAN type).


2. Extract Metadata Wizard: we have improved the algorithm of extracting stored procedures to avoid conflicts during their creation. Now you can extract stored procedures as a block of the CREATE PROCEDURE statements with empty bodies preceding another block containing their actual bodies defined in the ALTER PROCEDURE statements. This possibility can be disabled by the "Environment Options -> Tools -> Extract Metadata -> Extract stored procedures with empty bodies first" option, which is enabled by default.


3. We have added a possibility to load an Extract Metadata template automatically on calling the wizard. Now you can set the "Environment Options -> Tools -> Extract Metadata -> Automatically load template on run" option and select the template file to load on each wizard execution.


4. Import Data Wizard: now you can log all the SQL commands executed during the import process into a file. Use the Enable SQL Log option on the last step of the wizard for this purpose. (*)


5. Now you can use CONTAINING and STARTING WITH syntax within the WHERE clause in the Visual Query Builder. (*)


6. Fixed bug with "Transaction is not active" error occurrence on commit in the Import Data Wizard. (*)


7. The Visual Query Builder doesn't slow down the system anymore. (*)


8. Fixed bugs with creating folder and adding objects to the Project View tree of the DB Explorer.


9. Fixed bug with impossibility of saving changes in the SQL Script.


10. Now data table list is properly restored from a template in the Extract Metadata Wizard.


11. Data exported to MS Access table started to print even if the corresponding option was unchecked. Now it is fixed. (*)


12. Fixed bug with loading data into the BLOB Editor/Viewer using hexadecimal editor's local menu. (*)


13. The UPDATE or INSERT mode of the Import Data Wizard imports data properly now. (*)


14. Fixed bug with autogrants during creating a trigger.


15. Some small corrections and improvements.