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IB Manager 3.25 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.25?

1. Visual Database Designer: customizing of the color palette and object appearance was added. Now it is possible to change the appearance of the designer totally by specifying colors and options on the Visual Database Designer tab of the Environment Options dialog. (*)

2. Two new grid options were added in addition to the 'Fit columns widths to grid width' option: the 'Save grid view' and 'Autofit columns' options. The 'Save grid view' option should be chosen if you wish grid columns to be saved and restored during the next session. The 'Autofit columns' option will fit column widths to their most wide values.

3. The 'Set Defaults To All Child Windows' item was added to the Windows menu. This item sets all the child windows to their default sizes and positions. This function is also available by Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut.

4. Data View: now it is possible to search for the desired value in the current column by typing it in the grid, if the 'Enable auto search in grid' option is checked.

5. The 'Always Open the Fields Tab' option works properly now.

6. Fixed bug with using AltGr key for typing characters in editors.

7. Fixed bug with incorrect generation of the ON DELETE/ON UPDATE statements if active program language is different from default.

8. Fixed bug with closing all the child windows even if the 'Cancel' button was pushed in exit confirmation dialog.

9. Fixed bug with disabling the 'Show servers in DB Explorer' option in the Environment Options dialog.

10. Fixed bug with hiding/showing the DB Explorer window by pressing the F11 key.

11. Some small improvements and minor corrections.

(*) -- Professional Edition only