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MySQL DataPump and PostgreSQL DataPump announced!

EMS MySQL and PostgreSQL DataPump are powerful utilities for converting databases and importing table data from an ADO-compatible source (e.g. MS Access, MS SQL database or any other database with ADO support) to MySQL/PostgreSQL databases. Easy-to-use wizard application allows you to build the ADO connection string, select tables, fields and indices for converting, view and edit SQL script for generating target MySQL/PostgreSQL database and select tables for import. Data conversion becomes as easy as possible with MySQL/PostgreSQL DataPump!

- Converting database structure and data from any SQL servers or local databases, which have an ADO provider;
- Ability to create a new MySQL/PostgreSQL database or connect to the existing one;
- Possibility of selecting source tables, fields and indices for conversion;
- Easy and customizable generation of MySQL/PostgreSQL tables, fields and indices according to the source database structure;
- Ability to view, edit and save SQL script for generating target database to a file;
- Full monitoring of the generation process;
- Possibility of selecting tables for data import;
- And more...

We hope you will like our new software.