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IB Manager 3.2 released.

What's new in IB Manager 3.2?

1. Autogrants functions were implemented. Now you can automatically grant privileges to stored procedures, triggers and views. This feature is available via the corresponding button of the procedure, trigger or view editor and also via the popup menu in the DB Explorer. It's also possible to set grants when objects are compiled. Set proper options on the Tools page of the Environment Options dialog for that purpose.


2. A possibility to increase/decrease spin values in the grid cells using Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down combinations instead of Up and Down. You can enable this feature by setting the "Use Ctrl+Up to increase spin values" option on the Grid page of the Environment Options dialog.


3. An ability to show only connected databases in the drop-down menus was added to all object editors and database tools. This option can be enabled by the corresponding check box on the Tools page of the Environment Options dialog.


4. The DB Explorer state (if it is visible or not) is stored in registry now.


5. The Smart Tabs option was added to the Editor Options dialog. Enable it if you want to have tab width values depending on upper lines, or disable it if you want use tab width values specified by the Tab Stops option.


6. Auto search feature is available in SQL Assistant, Visual Query Builder and Visual Database Designer now.


7. Visual Database Designer: Delete key now closes active table(s) in a diagram, Shift+Del is used to drop a table, Ctrl+Del deletes fields within an active table. (*)


8. A possibility to edit the page size manually added to the Create Database wizard.


9. Object descriptions are displayed properly in the DB Explorer if the Show Tables Descriptions is on.


10. Stored Procedure Editor displays an error dialog if an exception was raised while executing the procedure.


11. Fixed bug with "Can't focus disabled or invisible window" error message after opening the Table Editor with the Dependencies, Triggers or Description page active.


12. Fixed bug with closing the View Editor after recompiling.


13. Fixed bug with "Object ... in use" error during view recompiling.


14. Fixed bug with "List index out of bounds" error while changing autoincrement initial value of a trigger.


15. Domain info is visible now in the Add/Edit Column dialog.


16. Fixed bug with extracting objects, which names begin from a digit symbol.


17. Fixed bug with program crashing during export BLOBs to DBF (see Export Data Dialog).


18. The Compare Script feature is unavailable until both files are specified. It prevents from receiving the I/O error after pushing the Finish button when file name(s) are not specified.


19. The Show Tips feature shows the next tip on startup now.


20. Fixed bug with the incorrect behavior of the View Procedure Header button in the Stored Procedure Editor.


21. The External Tools submenu now available in the Tools menu (see External Tools).


22. The Set Default Link Color button works properly in the Visual Database Designer now.


23. Fixed bug with improper behavior of child windows in MDI environment mode.


24. Some small improvements and corrections.


(*) -- Professional Edition only