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QuickExport 2.5 released.

1. A possibilty of expoting to many Excel worksheets is added. Use property Sheets to define several Excel worksheets with possibility to set a specific format and a separate data source for each of them. Sheets is a collection of TxlsSheet objects, properties of which totally correspond to the properties of TQExportXLS component, including properties DataSet, DBGrid, ListView, StringGrid and ExportSource, which allow you to set data source for each sheet.

2. The ExportEmpty property is added. This property allows you to define if empty data source is exported or not.

3. The CaptionRow property is added to all components of the suite. This property is used only when ExportSource property is esStringGrid. Use the CaptionRow property to define the number of the row, containing captions for the result columns.

4. Danish localization is available now.

5. A bug with ExportToStream in the TQExportHTML is fixed.

6. Some small improvements and minor bugfixes.