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Upgrading FAQs

Table of contents

What is your Upgrade Policy?
All registered users of our software, independently of the license type they own, have the right to upgrade their products. Licenses for all EMS products* include one year of Maintenance for free.
The registered user can get free upgrades of the purchased software within the valid Maintenance term. After Maintenance is expired, no upgrades of the software are possible until the Maintenance is renewed.
You can get more information about EMS Software Maintenance Program at Maintenance FAQs.

* Except Advanced Query Builder, Advanced PDF Generator, Advanced Excel Report, Advanced Localizer components and Source Rescuer.
How can I get information about product updates?
In order to get the up-to-date information about available updates for your software, you can subscribe to our free newsletter. If you haven’t got an automatic notification about new available versions, you can come back to our web site and check out the Product News. You can also check if you use the latest software version by visiting the corresponding Product Files page.
How can I get updates of my software?
Basically, there are two upgrading options:
1) You should download the full installation package anew and install it on the same workstation as your original version, which will be overwritten. All settings will be saved.
2) You can update SQL Manager and SQL Studio components through the Direct service available in the program. A pop-up window will tell you about available updates. Click Yes to download these updates (Internet connection is a must). You can also set the interval for Automatic polling of the network in search of updates.
The update procedure performed either way will not require any additional registration.
If I choose not to renew Maintenance, will I get technical help for my software version?
Unfortunately no. You may use the product as long as you like because EMS software licenses are perpetual and once you buy a license, you own it. However after your Maintenance is expired, your software version will not be supported any longer, i.e. you won’t be able to get any product updates and premium technical support and other benefits available only for the owners of valid Maintenance. You can renew Maintenance at any time. But please mind that Maintenance cannot be interrupted. You can get more information about EMS Software Maintenance Program at Maintenance - FAQ.