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Registration FAQs

Table of contents

What benefits shall I acquire if I register your software?
All our registered users receive free technical support and have the right to get software updates and upgrades for free or at a discounted price. If you purchased products with Maintenance, you are eligible for free unlimited technical support and free software updates/upgrades within the valid Maintenance period. Besides, your suggestions on enhancing the software will be added to the wish-list to be implemented in new versions of our products.
How do the trial versions of the software differ from the registered versions?
The trial versions of SQL Managers and most utilities are fully functional and do not differ from the full versions. EMS Data Export, Data Import, and Data Pump trial versions have one functional limitation, though: they allow processing only 20% of the available data, which is still enough to test out their functionality and performance. EMS Data Generator trial version is limited to generating 100 records only.
The evaluation period for all our products lasts 30 days following the initial installation.
What should I do when I see the "Trial expired" message?
If you have purchased our software, simply proceed with registering our product using the received registration key. It is not necessary for you to re-download or re-install our software. Once you complete your product registration, the "Trial expired" message will no longer appear.
How do I register the software I have already paid for?
First of all, you should receive a notification e-mail from Share-it (our e-commerce provider) which contains your registration information.

Registering SQL Studio, SQL Manager and Utilities
Once you receive your registration information, simply open the registration dialog in the purchased program (Help/Register…) and enter the registration name and registration key there. This dialog can also be accessed through the Enter Registration Code button at the program Welcome window.
If you purchase EMS SQL Management Studio, please make sure to register SQL Studio itself, not its separate components. To register SQL Studio, please go to the “Help/Register SQL Studio” main menu item.
Make sure that the registration process was completed successfully – check it out at the About window at the main menu: “Help/About…”.

Registering SQL Backup
When you purchase SQL Backup you receive a License Key. Having installed the client- and server–side parts of SQL Backup, you need to activate the server-side part of SQL Backup. To get an activation code, please do the following:
  1. Run SQL Backup
  2. Connect to SQL Server
  3. Right-click this server in the server list and select “Activate license on ...”
  4. Follow the steps in the Wizard
Registering EMS Components (Advanced Excel Report, Advanced PDF Generator or Advanced Localizer)
You should receive a notification e-mail from Share-it which contains the download link for the full version and the password. Download the product archive and decompress it with the password that you received. Be sure to keep the download link for further product updates.
Advanced Data Export/Import components, as well as Advanced Query Builder are protected by a text key, like most EMS tools. This one should be entered at the corresponding step of the component Installation wizard.

We highly recommend you to make backup copies of your software and registration information.
Will I receive the source code on buying any of your components?
Yes, a registered copy of our components includes full source code.
I want to sell my EMS software license. Is it transferable?
Sorry, no. When a customer purchases a software license, the software is registered in the customer's name. Once registered, this software cannot be transferred to a third party. EMS provides technical support only to the original customers.
I have lost my registration key. How can I get my registration key again?
If you have lost your registration key, please, visit our Support Ticket System and create a ticket in the “Software – Lost Key Request” category. Do not forget to provide us with the following information: your order number, product name and version, registration name/key and billing or delivery e-mail. This information will help us to find your order quickly and re-send the registration information to you. We highly recommend you to make backup copies of your software and registration information.
The registration information for purchased products is also available at the Customer Area of your SQLManager.net member account (https://secure.sqlmanager.net/login) at the “My Products” section, provided that your purchases are assigned to your member account (if not, you can assign them at the "Register My Product" section).