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Advanced Data Export VCL

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Advanced Data Export for RAD Studio VCL

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Advanced Data Export VCL version 4.9 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of Advanced Data Export VCL component. You can download the newest version of the program from the Download page

What's new in Advanced Data Export 4.9?

  1. Added the support of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4.
  2. Added the possibility to append date/time to the exported file name. The AppendDateTimeToFileName and AppendDateTimeToDatabaseName (TADO_QExport4Access) properties. Use the ExportedFileName and ExportedDatabaseName (TADO_QExport4Access) properties to get the name of the file to which the export is performed.
  3. QExport4SQL. Added the possibility to generate a single INSERT statement. The MultipleInsert property.
  4. TQExport4XML. Now the BLOB filed data is uploaded using base64 encoding. (For Delphi 2005/CBuilder 2006 versions and higher).
  5. QExport4XLS. Now the exported data can be splitted into Excel worksheets by the specified number of rows. The SplitByRows property.
  6. When changing delimiters in the Formats property, the delimiters in the corresponding format masks are changed automatically.
  7. QExport4XLS. Now when trying to export more than 255 columns, an error message occurs.
  8. QExport4XLS. Fixed the errors of the format mask usage.
  9. If format masks correspond to system masks, they were not saved in the dfm file. Fixed now.
  10. When removing a delimiter in the Formats property, it was replaced by #0 in the corresponding format masks. Fixed now.
  11. QExport4DBF. While exporting the TWideMemoField fields were recorded in the dbt file in Unicode. Fixed now.
  12. QExport4SQL. When unloading currency data types, a currency symbol was added to the values. Fixed now.
  13. Other improvements and bug fixes. 

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!