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SQL Studio for PostgreSQL

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EMS SQL Management Studio for PostgreSQL

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Version history


Release date

Version 1.2

December 4, 2008

Version 1.1

December 12, 2007

Version 1.0

October 18, 2006



Full version history is available at http://www.sqlmanager.net/products/studio/postgresql/news



Version 1.2


  • The Task Scheduler can now be launched as a Windows Service or a separate process.
  • If a custom task is launched manually, its execution process can be tracked in the special window.
  • Backup/restore services are now available.
  • The SSH or HTTP connection type is now displayed within the host name field.
  • Toolbar settings used to be reset after the program shutdown. Fixed now.
  • The possibility to open PDF documentation from the main menu is implemented.
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.


Version 1.1


  • Task Scheduler: added a possibility to schedule tasks for running several times a day (daily launches)
  • It is now possible to launch any SQL Studio tool through the context menu of the system tray Agent
  • On attempt to call a utility with an inappropriate template, a message is displayed or the corresponding log message is created
  • SQL Query can use a shared database repository with SQL Studio
  • Enhanced the software update via SQL Studio Direct technique: when downloading an update, the download progress is displayed; on attempt to install an update which is not available due to maintenance term expiration, a warning is displayed
  • Fixed an error that occurred on attempt to delete the only step from a task
  • Visual scheme configuration is now applied to all components of SQL Studio
  • Adding and dropping databases performed in SQL Manager were not indicated in the DB Explorer tree of running SQL Studio. Fixed now
  • Fixed a number of artifacts that appeared when working with two monitors
  • Upon running SQL Studio as a user with restricted privileges, if SQL Studio Agent had not been launched previously, the Agent launch error occurred. Fixed now
  • Speeded up opening the Template Management section with a large list of templates
  • Now the SQL Studio window position is saved for the next session
  • The "Tool path is not correct" error occurred on attempt to run a task, when working under Windows 2003 Server. Fixed now
  • Added a confirmation request on deleting a step from a task
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes



Version 1.0


Key features:

  • Handy launch of utilities and services
  • Storing all templates in a single repository
  • Common data source list for all services and utilities
  • Creating of complicated branched scripts
  • Ability to run external applications from scripts
  • Storing of all script execution logs in one database
  • Scheduled script execution
  • Creating of customized notifications; various ways to send them out
  • Fast access to Technical Support Service
  • One way to customize the appearance for all apps

and more...



  • All database tasks take little time to launch, leaving you to focus on the result
  • With single template repository your work with utilities is as simple as it gets
  • Flexible scripts result in massive time savings, doing all routine jobs for you
  • Script scheduling will automate routine tasks
  • Notification e-mails will let you stay up-to-date and react fast
  • All logs are stored in one place, putting you totally in charge of all operations
  • Visual interface style is set uniquely for all products for your convenience

and more...



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