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EMS Data Comparer for PostgreSQL

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Data Comparer 2005 ver. 1.1 released

We are pleased to announce new version of Data Comparer 2005 - the new powerful utility for data comparison and synchronization for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase/Firebird databases.

What's new in Data Comparer 2005 version 1.1?

  • New BLOB viewer tool is implemented
  • Increased speed of data comparison
  • Ability to view the connection information is added
  • The new option "Use only compare key for where clause" is added for sync script generation
  • The new option "Add computed and read only fields to the new table" is added when exporting compared data to a new table
  • Ability to specify required client library is added (InterBase/Firebird)
  • The new option "Commit after XXX records" is added to add COMMIT statement after specified number of altering SQL statements
  • Color highlight of non-identical records is added

You can download EMS Data Comparer 2005 from the following links:

Data Comparer 2005 for MySQL: 

Data Comparer 2005 for PostgreSQL:

Data Comparer 2005 for SQL Server:

Data Comparer 2005 for InterBase/Firebird:

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