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SQL Manager for Oracle

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EMS SQL Manager for Oracle

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EMS SQL Manager for Oracle version 3.4.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new major version of SQL Manager for Oracle - a high performance tool for Oracle database server administration and development.

You can download the newest version of SQL Manager for Oracle from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for Oracle 3.4.1?

  1. Data frame. Now you can add conditions to Quick Filter with Shift button.
  2. "Reduced precision" option has been added for Materialized Views.
  3. Search of objects has been improved in Visual Database Designer.
  4. Default parameters are processed correctly on executing procedures now.
  5. "ORA-30757" error occurred on displaying XMLData values. Fixed now.
  6. The error occurred when launching the program on OS with Breton locale. Fixed now.
  7. Column autowidth was applied incorrectly in some cases. Fixed now.
  8. Errors of editing partitions in Index editor have been fixed.
  9. Delete rule was not applied for new objects in Foreign key editor. Fixed now.
  10. It was not possible to set the "Follow trigger" option to none in Trigger editor. Fixed now.
  11. Some errors in Scheduler Window editor have been fixed.
  12. Some errors in Scheduler editor have been fixed.
  13. Replace dialog. "Yes to all" button did not work properly if "Prompt on replace" option was enabled. Fixed now.
  14. Many other improvements and bugfixes.

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