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DB Comparer for Oracle

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EMS DB Comparer for Oracle

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DB Comparer version 3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of DB Comparer - the powerful tool for comparing SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and InterBase/Firebird databases and discovering differences in their structure.

You can download EMS DB Comparer version 3.1 from the following links:

DB Comparer for MySQL:

DB Comparer for PostgreSQL:

DB Comparer for SQL Server:

DB Comparer for InterBase/Firebird:

What's new in DB Comparer 3.1?

  1. When comparing a Firebird 2.0 database with the one on the Firebird 2.1, identical views used to be marked as different. Fixed now. (InterBase)
  2. When comparing a MySQL 4.1 database with the one on MySQL 5.0, identical table fields of INT type used to be treated as different. Fixed now. (MySQL)
  3. The rules were skipped when creating views. Fixed now. (PostgreSQL)
  4. Partition Functions used to be generated before the Partition Schemes were created. Fixed now. (SQL Server)
  5. The modifying script used to be generated twice for domains with different size of type. Fixed now. (InterBase)
  6. The functions with DECIMAL parameters different in dimension used to be compared improperly. Fixed now. (SQL Server)
  7. When synchronizing constraints stored at servers of 2000 and 2005 versions, the Default value for SQL Server 2005 used to be generated in double parentheses (e.g. ((1))). Fixed now. (SQL Server)
  8. When comparing an SQL Server 2000 database with the one on SQL Server 2000, identical UDFs used to be marked as different. Fixed now. (SQL Server)
  9. When comparing databases on Chinese Windows localization, the “Error: RichEdit line insertion error” message used to appear. Fixed now.
  10. Other minor fixes and improvements.

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products.