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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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SQL Manager for MySQL version 4.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for MySQL - a high performance tool for MySQL database server administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for MySQL 4.4?

  1. Table Editor.
    • Data filtration is now available when connecting through HTTP tunneling.
    • Unicode is now displayed properly in the DB Explorer.
    • Partial support of OpenGIS fields is implemented.
    • Disabling the 'Use dimension' option in fields of the Double type used to be ignored. Fixed now.
  2. Copy Database. Comment length restrictions for tables and fields are now taken into consideration when copying a database whose source and destination server versions differ.
  3. Extract Database.
    • With both Add DELIMITER and Generate DROP IF EXISTS statements for objects options enabled, the program used to generate an erroneous result script because of the wrong placement of the DROP statement delimiter. Fixed now.
    • Database structure containing circular table dependencies used to be extracted improperly. Fixed now.
    • If the Record in block option value was “1”, comments were added before each extracted record. Fixed now.
    • If the Client Charset was set at “Windows Charset”, the SET NAMES statement used to get wrong charset. Fixed now.
  4. Duplicate View. A view’s name remained unchanged in the result script. Fixed now.
  5. Data Export. An attempt to open a file exported to the Excel 2007 format failed with the “Excel found unreadable content in libri.xlsx” error. Fixed now.
  6. Trigger Editor. If a user didn’t have the SELECT FROM permission for the mysql.user table then an attempt to edit a trigger failed with an error. Fixed now.
  7. Procedure Editor.
    • The procedure used to be edited improperly if its body contained the marker
      main: Begin

      END main
      Fixed now. 
    • The OUT parameter values used to be displayed as NULL when executing a procedure. Fixed now.
  8. SQL Editor. Sometimes Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts stopped working. Fixed now.
  9. In some cases the “Restore Desktop on connection” option did not work. Fixed now.
  10. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software.