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DB Comparer for MySQL

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EMS DB Comparer for MySQL

Product News

EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.3.3 released
Fixes for MySQL 8.0, improved viewing of differences and bug-fixes for the generated script...
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.3.2 released
Fix for console version, defaults are displayed correctly now, minor improvements for database tree and more...
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.3.1 released
Improved synchronization scripts for autoincrement fields, functions, triggers and much more...
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.3 released
Metadata retrieving and dependencies processing mechanisms improved, lots of bugs fixed...
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.2 released
Added the comparison of procedure parameters, delimiters and and much more
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL version 4.1 released
Added the possibility to save the project at any step of the wizard, other improvements and bugfixes...
EMS DB Comparer for MySQL 4.0 released
Added the Project Management Wizard, significantly improved the algorithm of object comparison and script generation, and much more…
DB Comparer version 3.3 released
Firebird 2.1 and Unicode support added, the possibility to compare FEDERATED tables added, and much more...
DB Comparer version 3.2 released
PostgreSQL 8.3 support added, Database comparison speed considerably increased, some more fixes and improvements…
DB Comparer version 3.1 released
Comparing process is significantly improved, modifying scripts are generated correctly and many bugfixes are implemented…