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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

Licensing FAQs

Table of contents

Why get a license?
By getting a license you become a registered user of our software and get Maintenance term. Within the valid Maintenance term you get primary technical support and all software updates/upgrades for free.
How are your products licensed?
The number of purchased licenses should be equal to the number of SQL Server instances our software works with.
What types of licenses do you provide?
We provide several types of licenses:
  • Business license allows use of the software by one person in a corporate, government or business environment. Please note that if you simultaneously buy two or more Business licenses you get a significant volume discount.
  • Non-commercial license allows use of the software by one person for non-commercial purposes in a non-business, non-commercial environment. To purchase a Non-commercial license you will need to fill in the brief "Non-commercial price request" form. The processing of your request will not take more than 1 business day.
  • Academic license allows using the software for educational purposes only. If you are a representative of an educational institution and you are interested in using EMS products in the teaching process,join our Education Partner Program to get a free license for EMS products.
Can I upgrade my Non-commercial license to a Business license?
Yes, you can. To upgrade a Non-commercial license to a Business license you just need to pay the difference in cost between the two. Just contact our Support Team at Support Ticket System or Live Chat service
I have 5 SQL Servers, 2 of which have two SQL Server instances running, how many licenses for SQL Backup do I need?
Totally you have 7 instances of SQL Server, it means that you need to purchase 7 licenses.
Can I install a second copy of my EMS software on my portable computer?
Yes. You can install the client-side part of your software on multiple computers; however, the server-side parts will be located on the same instances of SQL Server.
What is an End-User License Agreement?
The End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a contract between you and EMS that describes how you can use the software. An EULA may:
  • Tell you what changes you can make to the software
  • Limit your right to make copies of the software
  • Allow you to transfer the software or load it on a portable device
  • Tell you whether you can upgrade the software
  • Grant you specific rights to use networks
I have purchased a license for SQL Backup. What should I do to start using the product legally?
To legally use SQL Backup, you need to activate the license. For a detailed description of the activation process see the Registration FAQ
How to transfer a SQL Backup license from one SQL Server instance to another?
In order to transfer a license from one server to another perform the following steps.
  1. In the EMS SQL Backup Administration Console select the server which you wish to move the license from.
  2. In the context menu of the server select the "Deactivate license on ..." item.
  3. Follow the steps of the License Deactivation Wizard.
  4. Select the server on which you want to activate the deactivated license key.
  5. In the context menu of this server select the "Activate license on ..." item.
  6. Follow the steps of the License Activation Wizard.