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SSH tunneling options

SSH (Secure Shell Host) protocol is used to heighten computer security when working with Unix systems on the Internet. SSH uses several encryption algorithms of different reliability. The spread of SSH is also connected with the fact that a number of Linux-like OS's (for example FreeBSD) include SSH server in their standard integration. To learn more information on this issue, please, visit http://openssh.org. SSH tunneling feature of SQL Manager is a means of ensuring secure connection to Interbase/Firebird servers when working over insecure connection channels. You can also use SSH tunnel to get access to the remote Interbase/Firebird servers when the default port is closed for external connections due to some reasons. The connection over SSH tunnel works in the following way. First, a connection is established and the process of authentication between SSH client built in SQL Manager and remote Interbase/Firebird server is performed. Then all incoming and outgoing information between the program and Interbase/Firebird server is transmitted through SSH server with the help of a communication port (usually it is 22), and SSH server transfers this information directly to Interbase/Firebird server.