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Data Generator for IB/FB

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EMS Data Generator for InterBase/Firebird

Product News

Data Generator Utilities 2.1 released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of MySQL Data Generator, PostgreSQL Data Generator, MS SQL Data Generator, and InterBase/Firebird Data Generator utilities. You can download the newest versions from the proper download pages.

What's new in Data Generator 2.1?

  1. SQL Server 2005 support.
  2. Improved processing of table relationships.
  3. Now you can generate incremental data for date fields.
  4. Formula-based random generation of integer fields.
  5. Minor interface improvements.
  6. Fixed bug when ordering tables related by foreign keys.
  7. Fixed bug with refreshing metadata.
  8. Fixed bug with generation of NULL values.
  9. Fixed bug with generation of BOOLEAN values in Interbase.