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EMS SQL Manager for DB2

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EMS SQL Manager for DB2 version 2.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for DB2 - a high performance tool for DB2 databases administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DB2 2.1?

  1. Implemented the Project management - with virtual databases that do not require connection to the server:
    • Added the the Project Interaction Wizard;
    • Added the Projects settings;
    • Added the "Projects" tab in the Object Inspector;
    • Now all object editors work with both ordinary database objects and project objects;
    • Improved the Visual Database Designer (VDBD): now it creates a project, to which the objects from the connected databases or other projects, or objects created in the VDBD, can be added; 
    • Added the possibility to cancel the last actions on objects in the Projects;
    • Projects are now supported by the DB2 Manager Wizards, which work with Object metadata: i.e. HTML Report Wizard, Print Metadata Wizard, Duplicate Objects Wizard, etc.
  2. Added the Database Comparer Wizard to synchronize database structures.
  3. Now XML files of the objects are saved in VDBD diagram.
  4. Added the possibility to move tabs along the Open windows panel using a mouse.
  5. In the Privilege Manager now it is possible to select a cell range using the SHIFT key, and to apply the privileges to the whole selected range at once.
  6. Version control. In the history of the object changes now it is possible to view/compare the executed script or object metadata.
  7. In all the wizards at the next opening the value of the "Close the Wizard after successful completion" checkbox is saved. 
  8. Changed the icons of some services.
  9. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our products!