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EMS SQL Manager for DB2

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EMS SQL Manager for DB2 version 1.4 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for DB2 - a high performance tool for DB2 databases administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DB2 1.4?

Changes for server version 9.7 only.
  1. Tables.
    • The COMPRESS option is available for tables and indexes.
    • The DISTRIBUTION tab is added for TABLE and MQTABLE editors. 
    • Table fields can now be renamed.
  2. Event monitor. New activity types are added.
  3. User and group privileges.
    • New privileges can be granted: ACESSCTRL, DATAACCESS, EXPLAIN, SQLADM, WLMADM.
    • DBADM and SECADM can now be granted to a role or a group.
  4. Data Types.
    • Field type selection is extended.
    • Now it is possible to define the second precision type up to picoseconds for the Timestamp data.
    • New user types are added: ROW and Cursor.
    • The DISTINCT and ARRAY types are modified.
  5. Packages.
    • The Optimization profile option is added.
    • The ACESS PLAN REUSE option can now be changed if necessary.
  6. The RUNSTATS service. The Sampling Options section is added. 
  7. Database and node variables.
    • New records are added to variables.
    • The SSL group is added to node variables.
  8. Aliases. The ALIAS can now refer to MODULE, GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE and SEQUENCE.
  9. Procedures and functions.
    • Procedure parameters can now contain default values.
    • BOOLEAN and CURSOR data types can now be used in procedures. 
  10. New objects (GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE and MODULE) are added to the DB Explorer, Dependency Tree, Extract Database, Print Metadata, HTML Report, and Search in metadata wizards.

Changes for all versions.

  1. The Ping Database wizard is added.
  2. The hint for a connected database now displays an average ping to DB.
  3. The following new options are added to the procedure and function editors: Parameter CCSID, Savepoint level, Commit rule, Inherit special registers. 
  4. Event Monitor.
    • Information can now be loaded to database tables.
    • The Event Monitor editor is significantly modified.
    • Inactive events are now highlighted in the DB Explorer.
    • Event monitors can now be launched or stopped through the context menu.
  1. DDL of objects which names contained ‘_’ is now formed properly.
  2. Fixed errors occurred when displaying data.
  3. If an error occurred on getting global variable’s value, other variables were not displayed in SQL Editor. Fixed now.
  4. Statement parsing is modified. Both ‘FOR --text-- END FOR’ and ‘FOR --text-- END’ statements are parsed correctly.
  5. When executing an SQL command, only comments within function and procedure bodies are saved (for server versions older than 9.5).
  6. When resetting all toolbars and menus, an empty toolbar “Plugins” used to appear. Fixed now.
  7. Now SQL Manager works with the system registry via API functions.
  8. Fixed errors occurred when working with GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC, LONG_VARGRAPHIC fields.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products!