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EMS SQL Manager for DB2

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SQL Manager for DB2 version 1.3 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for DB2 - a high performance tool for DB2 databases administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DB2 1.3?

  1. Implemented the possibility to connect to nodes and their databases through SSH tunneling for working with data only (services cannot be run through such connection as the server architecture does not allow this).
  2. Added scanning for available hosts at the program startup.
  3. The method of refreshing objects has been modified to increase the program performance when running a number of operations.
  4. Some bugs concerning the services are fixed:
    • The behavior of services is changed: they are now correctly stopped upon the forced interruption.
    • Several corrections are made regarding the unavailability of certain operations on servers of previous series. 
    • Some changes are implemented in the services’ interface.
  5. Data View.
    • The number of records fetched from the server is displayed correctly now.
    • The working with fields of the DateTime, Time and Timestamp data types is improved.
  6. Grant Manager.
    • Now the script is created and executed for all changes at once.
    • The sequence of several commands is now executed in a separate thread to avoid the slow down of the application when dealing with a large number of changes.
  7. Object Explorer.
    • Added the possibility to close all editors only for the current database.
    • Added the possibility to duplicate security objects.
    • Editing of names in the object explorer windows list is not allowed now.
    • The search of security objects in the DB Explorer is fixed.
  8. Extract Database.
    • Several corrections are made in the algorithm of extracting database objects with dependencies.
    • Now security objects can be extracted.
  9. Search in Metadata. The search form is improved, the search speed increased.
  10. DB2 Console. Added the console for executing server commands.
  11. Visual Database Designer.
    • Object changes are now applied upon pressing 'Compile', like in object editors.
    • Added the 'Undo' and 'Redo' operations.
    • Now it is possible to save the changed diagram objects and work with them without an active database connection.
    • Now it is possible to select schemas for reverse engineering.
    • Added tools for formatting diagram objects: setting fonts, colors, etc.
  12. SQL Script and SQL Editor.
    • SQL scripts are now executed within a thread.
    • SQL parser has been modified for faster processing of large amounts of SQL text.
    • The Object Explorer tree now displays only objects being operated on.
    • Missing labels and icons have been added to the Object Explorer tree.
    • Syntax highlighting is improved.
    • Support of the following server commands has been added in SQL Script: CREATE DATABASE, DROP DATABASE, CONNECT, DISCONNECT, ATTACH, DETACH.
    • It is now possible to remove detached databases from the Object Explorer tree and register the newly created ones.
    • The Object Explorer tree is filled within a separate thread now.
  13. Table Editor. The LOGGED and COMPACT options are added for BLOB fields.
  14. User-Defined Type Editor. It was possible to select a data type that is invalid or unavailable in the current server version. Fixed now.
  15. Export Data, Export as SQL Script. The method of creating a query to export data is changed: statements ending with 'FETCH FIRST', 'FOR UPDATE', 'FOR READ', 'FOR FETCH', 'OPTIMIZE FOR', 'WITH RR', 'WITH RS', 'WITH CS', 'WITH UR' are processed correctly now. 
  16. Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products!