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EMS SQL Manager for DB2

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SQL Manager for DB2 version 1.1 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of SQL Manager for DB2 - a high performance tool for DB2 Server administration and development. You can download the newest version of the software from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager for DB2 1.1?

  1. New objects such as Audit Policies, Trusted Contexts, Roles and SQL Variables are supported now and can be edited in the corresponding editors.
  2. Grant Manager.
    • Support of the SECADM (Security Administrator) privilege has been added.
    • Support of Read and Write privileges for SQL Variable have been added.
    • Added the ability to select roles, groups and users for editing privileges from the dropdown list.
  3. The Role Editor has been added.
  4. User / Group / Role Editor.
    • The SECADM (Security Administrator) privilege has been added.
    • The Ancestors tab is added which allows select roles whose privileges should be inherited by the edited object.
    • Implicitly defined privileges are now highlighted in orange on the Grants tab.
    • New tab for defining Read and Write privileges for SQL Variable has been added.
  5. SQL Script. Commands for creating, modifying and dropping new objects are now parsed and highlighted.
  6. SQL Editor. The Variable Value View panel is added.
  7. Extract Database. Support of new objects added.
  8. DB Explorer.
    • The Search in metadata option is implemented.
    • Hints display the Unicode text correctly now.
  9. Object Templates. Incorrect application of templates on creating new objects has been fixed.
  10. Support of new data types (XML, DECFLOAT, VARBINARY, LONGVARBINARY) in the Table Editor, UDS Type Editor and UD Editor.
  11. Arrays are currently supported in the UD Editor.
  12. Data Grid.
    • The method of work in the asynchronous mode is changed: the program does not hang now during the data loading. 
    • Support of the XML data type is implemented: options and editors available for BLOBs can now be used for working with XML data.
    • Support of the DECFLOAT type is added.
  13. Editor Options. 
    • The Color and Quick Code tabs have been moved to the Display section.
    • The Default Settings style has been added (only borders settings are applied).
  14. The Save Options wizard saves data in a separate thread now.
  15. Icons are added in the Services menu.
  16. Other small improvements and bugfixes.
We hope you’ll enjoy working with our products!