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EMS Data Pump for DB2

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Data Pump 2006 version 2.1 released

We are pleased to announce new version of Data Pump 2006 - the powerful tool to converting databases and importing table data from an ADO-compatible sources to SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase/Firebird and DB2 databases.

What's new in Data Pump 2006 version 2.1?

  1. Two types of template formats have been implemented: fixed one, that points to the certain list of objects to be transferred, and dynamic one, that defines only excluded objects; the objects out of this list are to be transferred. Template files of old format are still supported.
  2. Added the opportunity to connect through SSH tunnel. (MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase/Firebird)
  3. Added the opportunity to connect through HTTP tunnel. (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  4. Recreate database option is added to the graphical utility. It allows you to delete an existing database before creating a new one. (This option used to be only in the console version before)
  5. The ability to import data using the COPY statement is implemented. It can increase the transfer speed dramatically in some cases. (PostgreSQL)
  6. Auto-generated trigger names are now more informative. (InterBase/Firebird)
  7. Now the console version returns the error code (0 - successful termination, 1 - critical error, 2 – non-critical error).

You can download EMS Data Pump 2006 from the following links:

Data Pump 2006 for MySQL: 

Data Pump 2006 for PostgreSQL:

Data Pump 2006 for SQL Server:

Data Pump 2006 for InterBase/Firebird:

Data Pump 2006 for DB2:

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