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Data Import for DB2

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EMS Data Import for DB2

On-line Documentation

Add/Edit field

When you import data with destination table creation, you can manage this table's fields.


Use the context menu to Add/Edit/Drop a field.




Selecting Add field or Edit field context menu item opens the field editor that allows you to view/edit the properties of the destination table fields.



Field Editor


Use the Column edit box to set the field name. Note that the name of the field must be unique among all the field names in the table.


The Type tab defines the type of the field data.


For bit data

Specifies that the contents of the column are to be treated as bit (binary) data.



Defines the size of the field value.



For numeric and decimal types you need to define the number of decimal to the right of the decimal point.


Default value

Define this option value if you need inserted records to get specified value.


CheckBox Not NULL

Check this option to prevent the entry of NULL or unknown values in column.


CheckBox Compress

Specifies whether or not default values for this column are to be compressed and stored more efficiently.


CheckBox Autoincrement

Enable this option to generate field values automatically.


GENERATED BY DEFAULT specifies that a value is only to be generated when a value is not provided or the DEFAULT keyword is used in an assignment to the column.

GENERATED ALWAYS specifies that the database manager is to always generate a value for the column.


Start with

Use this option to specify the starting value of the autoincrement field.



Set the increment for the autoincrement field.



Specifies how many values of the identity sequence are pre-allocated and kept in memory.