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Data Generator for DB2

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EMS Data Generator for DB2

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Data Generator version 3.0 released

We are pleased to announce the new major version of EMS Data Generator - an excellent tool for generating test data to database tables.

EMS Data Generator version 3.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the download pages:

Upgrade to Data Generator version 3.0

The upgrade fee will normally be 50% of the standard product price.

All customers who purchased Data Generator within 60 days of the major upgrade release are eligible for a free major upgrade. However, there is a small fee for processing the upgrade request and generating a new registration key.

We would like to bring it to your attention that from this version on EMS Data Generator is sold with Maintenance under EMS Software Maintenance Program (read full information on Maintenance at our Maintenance FAQ). One year of Maintenance is already included in Data Generator for free!

What’s new in Data Generator 3.0?

  1. Unicode support is implemented.
  2. Added new options for data generation to SQL script:
    • BLOBs and arrays are dumped into to a separate file (for IB/FB);
    • SQL script can be appended to an existing file;
    • the ability to view/edit the script.
  3. Added the possibility to select the data insertion type: INSERT, UPDATE OR INSERT (for Firebird), MERGE (for Firebird and Oracle).
  4. Added options allowing you to disable triggers associated with tables during data generation (for IB/FB, SQL Server, Oracle).
  5. Added options for generating the same data into several columns.
  6. Added options for generating string data according to the sample text.
  7. Data preview is implemented.
  8. Added options for generating data into dependent fields with the relation 1:n (n records will be generated into the dependent table field for each record of the primary table).
  9. Implemented data generation into fields of user-defined types (for DB2, PostgreSQL).
  10. Implemented data generation into fields of domain-based types (for IB/FB).
  11. Implemented data generation into fields of the GEOMETRY type (for MySQL).
  12. Implemented data generation into fields of the BIT and INTERVAL types (for PostgreSQL).
  13. Data generation is now performed within a separate thread.
  14. Other minor improvements and bugfixes. 

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products!