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MySQL 4.1.18 released.

MySQL 4.1.18, a new version of the popular Open Source/Free Software Database Management System has been released. It is now available in source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/ and mirror sites.

This is a bug fix release for the recent production version.

Note: Due to a critical performance related bug (Bug #15935) 4.1.17 was not released. The bug was introduced within 4.1.16, we therefore recommend all users to upgrade directly to 4.1.18 if they are using 4.1.15 or earlier.

Changes in release 4.1.18:

Functionality added or changed:

  • NDB Cluster: More descriptive warnings are now issued when inappropriate logging parameters are set in config.ini. (Formerly, the warning issued was simply Could not add logfile destination.)
  • libmysqlclient now uses versioned symbols with GNU ld.

Bugs fixed:

  • A CREATE TABLE ... SELECT ... on an equation involving DOUBLE values could result in the table being created with columns too small to hold the equation result.
  • UPDATE statement crashed multi-byte character set FULLTEXT index if update value was almost identical to initial value only differing in some spaces being changed to " ".
  • Single table UPDATE statements without ORDER BY clauses which updated the same indexed column that was being filtered on were optimized with a full index scan instead of a more appropriate index range scan.
  • A prepared statement created from a SELECT ... LIKE query (such as PREPARE stmt1 FROM 'SELECT col_1 FROM tedd_test WHERE col_1 LIKE ?';) would begin to produce erratic results after being executed repeatedly numerous (thousands) of times.

Changes in release 4.1.17 (Not released):

Functionality added or changed:

  • In the latin5_turkish_ci collation, the order of the characters A WITH CIRCUMFLEX, I WITH CIRCUMLEX, and U WITH CIRCUMFLEX was changed. If you have used these characters in any indexed columns, you should rebuild those indexes.
  • Support files for compiling with Visual Studio 6 have been removed.
  • Internal sha1_result function renamed to mysql_sha1_result to prevent conflicts with other projects.

Bugs fixed:

  • Performing a RENAME TABLE on an InnoDB table when the server is started with the --innodb-file-per-table and the data directory is a symlink caused a server crash.
  • Characters in the gb2312 and euckr character sets which did not have Unicode mappings were truncated.
  • Using CAST() to convert values with long fractional and/or exponent parts to TIME returned wrong results.
  • An INSERT ... SELECT statement between tables in a MERGE set can return errors when statement involves insert into child table from merge table or vice-versa.
  • Certain permission management statements could create a NULL hostname for a user, resulting in a server crash.
  • For InnoDB tables, using a column prefix for a utf8 column in a primary key caused Cannot find record errors when attempting to locate records.

Source: dev.mysql.com