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EMS stops development on Linux

EMS stops developing Linux versions of its software from April 2006.

The development and support of Linux editions of EMS software products has become impossible now that Borland no longer supports Kylix libraries for Delphi, on which all Linux versions of EMS software were based.  Hence, EMS has made a decision to discontinue Linux versions of its products. Linux products will not be available for sale or download anymore.

Instead, the developer team of the company will focus all its resources on making the Windows versions of the products more reliable, fast and powerful on each update.

Of course, support to registered Linux versions users remains available, but since the software will not be updated anymore it might become unusable on future operating system versions.

Special upgrade prices for registered users of EMS Linux products are available. All registered users of Linux products will receive notification e-mails with a special offer of upgrade to Windows versions and upgrade instructions. If you are a registered Linux product user and you did not receive this e-mail, please contact our sales department at sales@sqlmanager.net .