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EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.3 released
Support for PostgreSQL 12, restore functionality added and other improvements and bugfixes...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 6.0.1 released
Fixes for search text and metadata, correct saving of editor content on server renaming and more...
SQL Manager for SQL Server version 5.0.3 released
Fixed number of fetched records in Load visible rows mode, inserting of defaults, editing datetime2 data in SQL Azure and more...
EMS DB Comparer for PostgreSQL version 4.5 released
Added support for PostgreSQL 12, fixes for description comparison and some more...
EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.2 released
Connection via SSH tunneling, history of task launches, improved performance and minor fixes...
EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 6.0 released
The new look with updated icons and dark theme, support of Unicode in object names, PostgreSQL 12 support, aliases for hosts, improved work with high-DPI monitors and large-scale fonts and much more...
SQL Manager for SQL Server version 5.0.2 released
Fixed error of editing data in Hungarian locale, minor fixes in script and object editors and some more...
EMS Data Export version 3.7.3 released
Support for Azure database for SQL Server, fix of row order in templates, improved formatting of result files and more...
EMS SQL Backup for PostgreSQL version 1.1 released
New backup format added, notifications for some actions and other useful features implemented to increase productivity and usability...
DB Comparer for SQL Server version 4.2.2 released
Fixed comparing of fields from INCLUDE index part and minor interface improvements to better program usability...