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Advanced Query Builder 3.1 released

EMS Advanced Query Builder 3.1 component is now available and can be downloaded from the download page

What’s new in Query Builder version 3.1
  1. Support of CASE statement implemented.
  2. The ability to edit ORDER BY items added. Now you can use custom expressions for order by clause.
  3. The ability to sort by fields that are not included in select list is added.
  4. Functions in INSERT, UPDATE statements are parsed correctly now.
  5. The TRUE keyword in WHERE clause is parsed properly now.
  6. In some rare cases the ORDER BY statements were not parsed correctly. Fixed now.
  7. The OldStyleLook property added. It allows the user to hide some extended visual features.
  8. Tabs are now displayed correctly.
  9. Ability to select fields on the Criteria tab using keyboard is added.
  10. The items in Query Type combobox were not displayed in some cases. Fixed now.
  11. It was impossible to apply some colors from Query Builder Palette. Fixed now.
  12. The name of output field used to change when Aggregate function was selected. Fixed now.
  13. The UNION context menu was displayed incorrectly in some cases. Fixed now.
  14. Selection list used to reset when inserting/deleting fields in some cases. Fixed now.
  15. The IN statement with multiple values is parsed correctly now.
  16. Dropping Field to the Criteria panel creates a new condition row automatically.
  17. The state of relation lines between joined tables is now saved.
  18. When resizing the Query Builder window, an error used to occur. Fixed now.
  19. The AV error that occurred on adding/removing subqueries is fixed now.
  20. Fixed the error with parsing SYSDATE function.
  21. Fixed the error with parsing DATEPART function.
  22. Aliases in "and" quotes are parsed correctly now.
  23. Parsing of ASC keyword in ORDER BY clause is added.
  24. Parsing of ROWID identifier in Oracle is added.
  25. Query Builder locked out in some cases. Fixed now.
  26. Support of BDS 2006 С++ Builder is added.

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