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EMS Quick Export .NET immediately available!

EMS Company is pleased to announce Quick Export .NET - the new powerful component suite for .NET technology that allows your end-users to save data in the most popular data formats for future viewing, modification, printing or web publication!

Using EMS Quick Export .NET you can export data into MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word (RTF), HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, DBF, CSV and more! There will be no need to waste your time on tiresome data conversion - EMS Quick Export will do the task quickly and will give the result in the desired format.

EMS Quick Export .NET key features:

  • Data export into 15 most popular formats:
    (MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, HTML, XML, PDF, TXT, DBF, CSV, SYLK, DIF, LaTeX, SQL and Windows Clipboard)
  • Saving data for future viewing, modification, printing or web publication
  • Easy-to-use wizard allows your end-users to export data quickly
  • Powerful export options for each data format
  • 100% native C# or Delphi code
  • No additional libraries or software required to operate
  • Detailed help system and demo application
  • Powerful components and properties editors
  • Setting user formats for each field separately
  • Multilanguage support

You can learn more about EMS Quick Export .NET at: www.sqlmanager.net/products/tools/quickexport.

You can download EMS Quick Export .NET at: www.sqlmanager.net/products/tools/quickexport/download.

You can purchase EMS Quick Export .NET at: www.sqlmanager.net/products/tools/quickexport/buy.

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products.