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Quick Export 3.3 and Quick Import 2.3 components released.

We are pleased to announce new versions of EMS Quick Export and EMS Quick Import components. You can download the newest versions from the proper download pages.

What's new in EMS Quick Export 3.3?

  1. Now ADO_QExport3Access component exports long text data into MS Access Database correctly.
  2. Added possibility to export data into MS Access Databases secured with password (ADO_QExport3Access).
  3. Added possibility of formatting data using OnGetExportText event handler. (QExport3HTML).
  4. New InterpertTags property implemented in QExport3HTML component. If this property is true then all special symbols <, >, ", & found in exported data (text) will be replaced with &lt; &gt; &quot; &amp; accordingly.
  5. Fixed bug related with calculating output coordinates during exporting data into PDF format. (QExport3Wizard)
  6. QExport3ASCII component exported only one data record with the following settings of its properties:
    ExportType := etTxt;
    ExportSource := esCustom;
    AutoCalcColWidth := True;
    Now it's fixed.
  7. The bug that results in Access Violation on usage of QExport3Dialog component in Delphi 2005 IDE is fixed now.
  8. Decreased processor loading while executing long export operations.
  9. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

What's new in EMS Quick Import 2.3?

  1. Fixed the bug that caused shift of data in XLS files if they had several empty cells when property SkipRowsCount = 0. (QImport2XLS).
  2. Fixed the bug that caused duplicating of data during import of text files in "Insert New" mode. (QImport2ASCII).
  3. A possibility to import data from MS Access Databases secured with a password have been added. (ADO_QImport2Access).
  4. Now import of DateTime fields from Paradox tables works correctly.
  5. Now "Replacements" finds all entries of substring and replaces them all unlike the previous versions.
  6. Decreased processor loading while executing long import operations.
  7. Some small improvements and bugfixes.