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Advanced Data Export VCL version 4.5 released

We are pleased to announce the new minor version of Advanced Data Export VCL component. You can download the newest version of the program from the Download page

What's new in Advanced Data Export 4.5?

  1. Added the support of MS Access 2007. When the FileVersion property of the TADO_QExport4Access component is equal to afvAccess2007, the export is performed to the MS Access 2007 format.
  2. TQExport4Xlsx. Now it is possible to set a view of each cell individually using the new OnGetDataParams event.
  3. TQExport4Xlsx. Added the possibility to determine and set the columns width automatically. The new AutoCalcColWidth property is responsible for this.
  4. TQExport4Xlsx. The data formatting could not be applied. Fixed now.
  5. TQExport4Xlsx. Values of the Formats and UserFormats properties were not saved in the configuration file. Fixed now.
  6. TQExport4Xls. When opening a file with multiple sheets, generated by the component, the cells actions (sorting, filtering, etc.) became inaccessible in Excel. Fixed now.
  7. TQExport4Xls. In some cases the data export caused the program hang-up. Fixed now.
  8. TQExport4Dialog. When exporting to MS Access, the "Print file after export" and "Open file after export" options did not work (it was not possible to open and print the file). Fixed now.
  9. ADO_QExport4Access. When PrintFile=True and ShowFile=True, the ACCESS process remained in the process list after the export is finished. Fixed now.
  10. Some other improvements and bugfixes.

Hope you will enjoy working with our software!