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SQL Manager for PostgreSQL v. 3.7 released
"Refresh objects on connection" option is added, French localization is implemented, other improvements and bug fixes.
DB Comparer version 2.2 released
The opportunity to connect through SSH/HTTP tunnel and much more...
DB Extract 2005 ver. 2.1 released
Support of new object types, more flexible work with templates, SSH and HTTP tunnel, and more...
Data Generator 2005 ver. 2.2 released
Added the opportunity to connect through SSH and HTTP tunnels, new data generation options and speed improvements...
Data Comparer 2005 ver. 1.2 released
Viewing/editing of synchronization script, ability to connect through SSH and HTTP tunnels has been added and much more...
SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver. 3.6 released
EnterpriseDB server support implemented, many other improvements and bugfixes...
Data Pump 2006 version 2.1 released
Two types of template formats have been implemented, ability to connect through SSH and HTTP tunnels has been added and many more...
Data Export 2005 ver. 2.2 released
Ability to connect through SSH and HTTP tunnels, other improvements and bugfixes...
DB Comparer 2006 version 2.1 released
This is a bugfix release for a new major version.
SQL Query 2005 version 2.2 released
Query result output to a separate tab is now available, other bug fixes and improvements...