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Data Import v.3.1 released
Data import from the text of XML documents embedded nodes, as well as auto-recognition of columns and autofill of table fields added, resizable Wizard window and more...
DB Comparer version 3.0 released
Improved report generating system and generation of modifying scripts, new compare properties added and more….
Data Export version 3.0 released
Unicode support added, performance highly increased, new formats supported and much more…
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL v. 4.1 released
Import using COPY command, setting a codepage for a file in SQL editors, spell checking feature in SQL editors and much more…
SQL Query 2007 released
Support for UNICODE-data in the grid, asynchronous query execution, improved SSH tunneling support and more….
SQL Manager 2007 for PostgreSQL released.
UTF8 support, all wizards working in the background mode, query execution in the background mode, improved SQL Editor, Database Statistics and much more….
DB Extract 2005 v.2.2 released
Increased speed, improved objects extraction algorithm, extraction of BLOBs and Arrays, Oracle and DB2 versions added, and much more…
Data Import v.3.0 released
New “Native” import method and Unicode support are added (for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), highly increased performance, new formats supporting and much more…
Data Pump v.2.2 released
Private Key support for SSH authentication, object names in the result script for data import can be quoted automatically, the default schema for tables import can be specified, Oracle version added and more…
Data Comparer 2007 immediately available.
Multi-threaded data comparison implemented, UTF-8 encoded data support added; synchronization speed increased considerably and much more…