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EMS Data Export version 3.3 released
Some visual changes are introduced, decimal fields are exported properly, and much more...
EMS Data Import version 3.3 released
Added the possibility to choose encodings, the support of date formats expanded, some visual changes, and much more…
DB Comparer version 3.3 released
Firebird 2.1 and Unicode support added, the possibility to compare FEDERATED tables added, and much more...
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.6 released
Support of new PostgreSQL 8.4 features, support of new values in the Data View and new statements in the Function Debugger, a lot of other improvements…
Data Comparer version 2.3 released
Added the Commit after synchronization option, added the possibility to generate summary reports, to sort and filter comparison results, and much more…
EMS Data Export version 3.2 released
Support of PostgreSQL 8.3 and SQL Server 2008 added, export in MS Word 2007 improved, and much more…
EMS Data Pump version 3.0 released
Unicode support implemented, support of the latest DBMS versions, password encryption and much more…
EMS Data Import version 3.2 released
SQL Server 2008 and PostgreSQL 8.3 support added, the possibility to create tables for imported data, and much more…
SQL Manager for PostgreSQL version 4.5 released
Improved Visual Database Designer and DB Explorer, a lot of new features implemented, and much more…
EMS SQL Management Studio version 1.2 released
Improved Task Scheduler, possibility to open PDF documentation from the program, Backup/Restore Services are available for PostgreSQL, and other improvements and fixes…