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Data Import version 2.2 released

EMS Data Import version 2.2 is now available and can be downloaded from the download pages:

What’s new in Data Import version 2.2
  1. The ability to import data from VisualFoxPro DBF format added.
  2. The amount of memory consumed is significantly decreased when importing large files.
  3. When importing data from XLS format a shift of data from lower cells into upper ones occurred if the upper cells were empty. Fixed now.
  4. Import from file containing the ‘.’ (dot) symbol in its name was not possible. Fixed now.
  5. When importing data from CSV files in some rare cases the duplication of data contained in some columns occurred. Fixed now.
  6. Fields of MEMO type with a single end-of-section marker (#26) symbol used to be read incorrectly when importing data from DBT files (DBF format). Fixed now.
  7. A wrong result script used to be generated when using import operations like Update, Update or Insert, Delete, Delete or Insert. Fixed now.
  8. The ability to set Connection Timeout parameter added. (MS SQL Server)
  9. Now it’s possible to tune the performance via the Cursor Location option. (MS SQL Server)
  10. Some small improvements and bug fixes.
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