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SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL ver.3.5 released

We are pleased to announce new version of SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in SQL Manager 2005 for PostgreSQL version 3.5?

  1. Ability to view and edit Server Configuration.
  2. SQL Editor. Key Mapping is implemented to set the shortcuts for various commands/operations according to your needs.
  3. Query Builder. Query execution plan is now displayed as a graphical diagram.
  4. Dependency Tree. The diagram can now be printed.
  5. Function, Domain, Sequence, Aggregate editors, Table Properties. Now it's possible to change scheme for an object if using PostgreSQL Server 8.1
  6. Function Editor. Ability to edit function parameters if there are no objects dependent on this function.
  7. Aggregate Editor.
    • Now you are able to edit aggregates.
    • Parameter type of an aggregate that does not examine its input values used to be shown incorrectly. Fixed now.
  8. It was unable to change object's name in Edit User/Edit Group form. Fixed now.
  9. SQL Editor.
    • Next Bookmark, Previous Bookmark context menu items added.
    • With 'Trim trailing spaces' option on, an attempt to use Code Complete used to clear all the line. Fixed now.
    • SQL Formatter now correctly works with TYPE CAST operation.
    • Dragging the field names from SQL Assistant works perfectly now.
  10. SQL Editor. Abillity to execute statement under cursor added.
  11. Visual Database Designer.
    • There were no changes seen in opened graphical diagram when the table name or any table field was edited. Fixed now.
    • It was impossible to drop table via corresponding context menu item when just a field, not the table itself, was selected. Fixed now.
    • On deleting field and following transaction rollback an empty error message used to appear. Fixed now.
  12. Import Data Wizard.
    • Now with the 'Commit changes manually' option switched on at the end of import you will be prompted for an action with transaction.
    • Ability to resize wizard's window added.
    • 'Division by zero' error used to appear after importing data with the 'Commit changes manually' option switched on. Fixed now.
    • On setting format for fields to import, the 'Generator Value' and 'Constant Value' options used to be ignored. Fixed now.
    • Having specified user-defined fields to import, the rest of them were filled with empty strings; so that default values defined for the fields were not applied. Fixed now.
  13. Grid. In Lite version of the product Grid Mode could not be changed. Fixed now.
  14. Extract Database.
    • Server version is included into comments for the script now.
    • In CREATE TABLE statement the quotes before and after table name were missing. Fixed now.
    • On extracting selected functions with 'Character and character varying as char and varchar' option enabled, functions with char and varchar parameters used to be skipped. Fixed now.
  15. HTML Report. Ability to change header/footer of the report added.
  16. SQL Script. Abort executing script confirmation added.
  17. DB Explorer.
    • It was unable to open index or trigger via Recent Objects menu. Fixed now.
    • Popup menu used to stay on top when switching between applications. Fixed now.
    • After renaming the scheme, it was unable to access its objects without refreshing DB Tree. Fixed now.
    • On attempt to delete the object and selecting 'Rollback' in Changing Metadata window it used to disappear from DB tree. Fixed now.
  18. Operator Editor. On creating an operator containing array-typed parameter a wrong use of quote symbols used to occur for its parameter type. Fixed now.
  19. Table Editor. In some cases check constraints were not displayed in Table Explorer tree. Fixed now.
  20. When creating new Sequences and following 'Compile' action without changing any parameters, sequence name used to stay empty in the generated script. Fixed now.
  21. Table Editor, View Editor. On exporting subobject lists strings larger than 32 symbols used to be truncated. Fixed now.
  22. Many other small improvements and bugfixes.